Want a More Accommodating Home?

Explore the benefits of home additions & siding replacements in Stillwater, Tulsa & Edmond, OK & surrounding areas

Are you starting to feel cramped or in your Stillwater, OK area home? Does your siding look like it could fall off at any moment? If you're feeling inconvenienced in your own house, it's time to call in a dedicated contractor.

You can rely on REA Construction & Services for a variety of interior and exterior remodeling work, from siding replacement and painting to the installation of handicap-accessible features. We also build home additions.

Reach out to us today to get started on your siding replacement or other home improvement service.

General Contractor Stillwater, OK

How can we make your life easier?

Trust our pros to make your home more wheelchair accessible by:

  • Installing an accessible bathtub or shower.
  • Replacing sinks and cabinets with accessible models.
  • Building ramps up to your front and back doors.
  • Widening doorways.

Make your home more convenient for everyone with home additions or handicap-accessible installations. Call 405-377-8922 now to speak with a contractor in the Stillwater, Tulsa & Edmond, OK area.