Hire a stairs contractor in Stillwater, Tulsa & Edmond, OK

Upgrade Your Home With a New Staircase

Is your staircase creaky? Do you have a loose step? Damaged staircases are more than a minor annoyance - they can also pose a safety hazard. When you hire REA Construction & Services as your Stillwater, Tulsa & Edmond, OK stairs contractor, you can get that old staircase repaired or replaced. To learn about our services, including new staircase installation, contact us today.

Stair Replacement Stillwater, OK

3 reasons you should call a stairs contractor

While many homeowners replace their staircases to increase their homes' beauty, sometimes staircase replacements are necessary. Here are a few signs that you should call a stairs contractor sooner rather than later.

Consider repairing or replacing your stairs if:

  • 1. There are loose steps
  • 2. There are chips or scratches
  • 3. There's water damage

Are you ready to upgrade your staircase? Contact us today to learn more about our staircase installation and repair services.